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Soon to be released

Enough, Say Their Names documents the events, emotions, grief, and hope of the Black Lives Matter Movement 2020. The poetry is both gentle and challenging, written from the perspectives of nine diverse authors. The protest photography and board art share their stories with a heartfelt and incisive lens. My favorite part of the book is the way it entices the reader to turn the page as each photograph, each story, each poem takes us through a journey towards understanding and building a bridge.


Poets:  Anke Hodenpijl, Annis Cassells, Ronald Montgomery, Amalie Hill, Lawrence J. Diggs, Annie Benjamin, Marilyn Johnston, Diane Ashburner, Rita Montgomery Hollie

Photographers: Dwight White II, Gabrielle Williams, Jana Harris, Kameron Williams, Kevin Greene, Melissa Hennings, Nick Peters, Ronald Montgomery, and Ryanzo W. Perez.


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